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Wonder Grip Thermal Plus Gloves Black/Orange (1 pair) WG-338

Wonder Grip Thermal Plus Gloves Black/Orange (1 pair) WG-338

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The Wonder Grip® WG-338 Thermo Plus is a fully double latex coated glove constructed on an 13-gauge acrylic liner. Thanks to the Wonder Grip Technology™ coating, it brings users grip and resistance in dry and watery environments. The WG-338 has been designed to provide a double protection: cold resistance and 100% waterproof. It is the perfect solution for users seeking a glove offering flexibility even in below freezing temperatures.

Key Features

 Brushed acrylic single liner, providing additional insulation and protection against the cold
 Cold-resistant and water-repellent latex coating offering unparalleled comfort, dexterity and flexibility, thus surpassing industry standards
 High-visibility orange to ensure the user's hands are visible and be safer on the job
 Soft yet robust technical liner, engineered to offer protection against the cold and heat, as well as cut level A3/C protection

Type of Protection

• Liquids
• Cold resistance
• Cut resistance
• Heat resistance



• Construction-and-public-works
• Public authorities
• Food industry
• Warehousing-packing-and-logistics
• Agriculture (Vineyards, nursery, orchards...Farm)
• Waste management
• Mining industry


M, L and XL

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