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VESCO A2 Double Cut Pruning Shears (Size ML)

VESCO A2 Double Cut Pruning Shears (Size ML)

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A2 - Double-cut pruning shears (size ML)

The double-cut secateurs make the blades converging towards the center of the branch to be pruned reducing the effort and providing a clean cut. There is no wood shattering: this helps the tree to heal much quicker. For this reason, these shears are particularly suited for pruning fruit-trees. The blade unit is made of steel with a high carbon content and it is hot forged and tempered with heat treatment. This model is designed for big hands.
The handles  made of special aluminum alloy to reduce the overall weight. The handles are covered with special anti-slipping rubber plastic making the grip comfortable and safe.
All VESCO tools are designed in a geometrical and ergonomic way such as to give the operator the utmost comfort even when they are used many hours. Each tool is adjusted and tested manually: it is a perfect combination between modern technology and craftsmen’s experience. VESCO tools are designed following the suggestions of professional pruners and all new models are always tested before putting them on the market.

Technical Specs:

Cutting Capacity: 1" (25mm) 

Weight: 8.8 oz (250 gr) 

Hand Size: M/L

Handed: Right 

  • Handles in forged aluminum alloy with lifetime guarantee
  • Blades hot forged and tempered with heat treatment.
  • Bypass Blades excellent for pruning and/or girdling fruit trees. 
  • Center bolt with grease deposit for constant lubrication.
  • Blade and counter-blade play can be adjusted for the perfect clean cut 
  • Anti-slip rubber handle grips*
  • All parts replaceable**
  • Made in Italy 

Ideal for: Fruit trees and vineyards 

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