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Tometatsu Plant Trellis Tape STRONG/CARE FREE TMT211A (1 Roll)

Tometatsu Plant Trellis Tape STRONG/CARE FREE TMT211A (1 Roll)

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  • It is a special design that does not adhere to bound objects and only adheres to the adhesive surfaces.
  • It binds very tightly at the time of binding, but when exposed to sunlight, the strength of the tape gradually decreases, making it easier to remove at the time of harvest.
  • Since the tape is adhered and bound without using a staple, there is no need to worry about metal materials or injury.
  • It is tightly bound during the binding work, and the adhesive strength (self-adhesiveness) is moderately weakened in about 6 months, so post-treatment after harvesting is easy.
  • A tape that does not easily come off even when it gets wet.


  • Trellising for the new shoots of grapes.
  • Trellising for cucumber vines.
  • Trellising for tomato vines.


Product TMT211A
Roll Size 11 mm x 30 m
Quantity 10 rolls
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