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Tometatsu Vine Tying Machine Staple Free TMA150

Tometatsu Vine Tying Machine Staple Free TMA150

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  • The Tometatsu™ tying tool is ergonomic and light weight (12 oz) 
  • The tape covers is integrated for fast and easy reloading. 
  • It works with dedicated tape TMT111, TMT211 and TMT211A Eco-Friendly.
  • The tool can tie up to 1.3" in diameters. 
  • Does not need staples and tape not included


  • Use on vineyards, nurseries, commercial farms.
  • For tying tomatos, cucumber, kiwi, and more.
  • For tying house plants, vegetable farms. 
  • No risk of injury or contamination during harvest by foreign materials such as metal (staple free) 








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