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Thumb Knife for Pruning and Harvesting (12 Pcs kit)

Thumb Knife for Pruning and Harvesting (12 Pcs kit)

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Gardening Silicone Thumb Knife for Pruning and Harvesting 

The thumb knives are made of high-quality stainless steel and silicone, they protect your thumb and nails from injuriest. The cutting resistant finger covers protect your index finger from being cut. The finger protectors come with elasticity and provide you comfortable wearing experience.

The thumb set includes two knife edges, one straight and one ninety degree angle edge to meet all the requirements for pruning soft tissue and harvesting vegetables. 

Kit Includes :12PCS = Come with 2 pieces of Large Straight Blade Thumb Knives, 2 pieces Small Straight Blade Thumb Knives, 1 piece Large and 1 piece Small 90° Blade Thumb Knives, 6 pieces 5A-Grade Anti-cutting Finger Sleeve,


  • Blades made of Stainless Steel
  • Use for pruning soft tissue, harvesting vegetables and fruits.
  • Ideal for deadheading plants.
  • Helps with finger pruning 
  • Two knife edges; straight and ninety degree to meet all of your needs. 

  • Note: Wear the cut-less index finger sleeve (Grade 5A) to prevent injuries. 


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