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MAX Tapener Flagging Tape Large Roll

MAX Tapener Flagging Tape Large Roll

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The Miracle Max Tapener Flagging Tape is a revolutionary tape that can be used either by hand or more efficiently with the MAX Tapener HT-R2 to tag plants by color code. 

The roll is 1/2" x 300′ and 4 mil thickness 

Available in: White, Pink Glo, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange Glo, and Lime-Green glo. 


  • Use to color code plants
  • Large Roll, 1/2-inch wide by 300 ft long (Thickness 0.4 mil) 
  • Fits MAX HT-R2 
  • Easily tag bundle of plants 
  • Great for Christmas Trees Operations
  • Ideal for Nursery Operation

Commercial Growers contact us for bulk pricing. 

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