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MAX Tapener HT-S45E Strong Bind

MAX Tapener HT-S45E Strong Bind

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Max TAPENER® “HT-S45E Strong Bind” with TAPE-T32B performs a 4.6 times stronger pull apart binding force when compared with the performance of the TAPE-15 thanks to the combination of dedicated tape and staples. This stronger pull apart force helps to keep larger plants tied to the stake or wine branches tied to trellis wire - efficiently replaces hand tying. 

This new heavy duty tapener keeps bushy plants, wine grapes, and many other trellised crops bind  strongly.

  • Includes FREE Belt hook.
  • A larger jaw enables the HT-S45E to bind up to 45 mm
  • Ties 4.6 times stronger with dedicated tape and staple
  • Same clinching force as HT models
  • Slide loading magazine
  • Built-in stapler pusher unit, there is no risk to lose it on the field.
  • Tape and staples sold separate

Applications: nursery, vineyard, orchards, trellised crops. 

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