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MAX BIODEGRADABLE Tie tape Large Roll 200-R Pale Green

MAX BIODEGRADABLE Tie tape Large Roll 200-R Pale Green

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The MAX Photolysis tape decomposes via sunlight. The strength of the tape increases as the crop grows. After attracting and binding, the strength (holding power) is gradually increased when is most needed by a chemical change caused by sunlight. The tape usually supports the branches more firmly than regular tape.

After harvesting is done, the tape will crack and deteriorate and the branches can be easily removed from the trellis with a slight pull. 


  • Photodegradable Pale Green Tie Tape for HT-R2 
  • Retention 3-6 months subject to sunshine. 
  • Large Roll, 1/2-inch wide by 131ft long (Thickness 0.20mm) 
  • Fits MAX HT-R2 
  • Easily ties plants to support stakes and lines
  • Provides a secure tie, ensuring security for valuable vines and trees.
  • Ensures a very tidy and highly professional presentation.
  • Ideal for tomato and other trellised plants. 
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