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KUKER Citrus Harvest Clipper CA

KUKER Citrus Harvest Clipper CA

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KUKER Fruit Clipper CA

Manufactured and imported from Italy.

Citrus-picking clipper (and fruit in general) particularly suitable for reaching the stalk and cutting it as close as possible to the fruit, avoiding damaging the neighboring ones.
Leather strap to keep the clippers secure in hand, preventing it from falling.
  • Ideal for Commercial harvesting of citrus, apples and other fruits
  • The short blades allow for extra leverage when clipping tough stems
  • Spring loaded action automatically opens blades after each cut
  • Stem Clipper measures 4.75-inches overall length
  • Includes Leather Strap

Length:  12cm (4.72")
Weight: 103 gr (3.6 oz)
Best used for harvesting the following: Oranges, Lemons, Mandarins, apples … and more
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