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Felco 7, Ergonomic Rotating Handle

Felco 7, Ergonomic Rotating Handle

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It’s the revolving handle that makes these pruning shears / secateurs so distinctive, reducing the effort required in use to improve your comfort and make cutting easier. The FELCO 7 is a powerful and ergonomically-designed tool that is particularly suitable for anyone with larger hands and is at its very best when tackling heavy-duty, intensive pruning tasks or for those who want to maximize their cutting power with minimum effort. 

The Felco 7 has gain a lot of popularity with nursery and vineyards growers.

Technical Specs

Cutting Capacity: 0.98"

Weight: 10.24 oz

Hand Size: Large

Handed: Right 

  • A revolving handle spreads the pruning effort required, reducing the cutting force required to help protect your joints and muscles.
  • Blade and counter blade constructed of hardened steel
  • Screw-mounted counter blade for easy replacement
  • Blade with wire cutting notch
  • Counter blade with sap groove
  • Locking segment nut for easy adjustment of cutting head
  • Tool adjustment key included for cutting head and closing lock adjustment
  • Phthalate-free non-slip handle coating*
  • All parts replaceable**
  • Made in Switzerland using 100% renewable energy

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