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Bahco Orchard Lopper,Super Light 36 inch P160-SL-90

Bahco Orchard Lopper,Super Light 36 inch P160-SL-90

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Bahco Super Light Lopper

Perfect for orchards & landscaping

The "original French" loppers that dominate the vineyards of California and the Super Light handles engineered for high strength and low fatigue are renown for high durability and easier cuts in tough wood.

  • Slim, narrow blade combined with hooked counter blade for a powerful but smooth and easy cut.
  • Forged counter blade to stand the stress of intensive use
  • Light aluminium handles with long reach for overhead cutting
  • Spare parts available
  • Rubber shock absorbers for less fatigue and increased comfort
  • Central bolt locking system
  • Lightweight strong, long aluminium handles for easy reach and overhead cutting
  • Less fatigue with properly balanced design
  • Centre bolt locking system prevents blade loosening
  • Specially designed orchard lopper, also recommended for landscaping
  • Cutting Capacity: 1.77", Length: 36", Weight: 40 oz
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