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Falcon FrightKites Kits (22ft, 28ft and 36ft Pole)

Falcon FrightKites Kits (22ft, 28ft and 36ft Pole)

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Made from telescoping fiberglass with rotating anti-tangle top, it is extremely lightweight and maneuverable – perfect for locations that do not have excessive wind. Your Falcon Frightkite will hover above your crops or other areas you’re protecting in realistic hunting mode, scaring off pest birds before they have a chance to land.

Field test shows up to 95% bird reduction. Flies in 2-30 mph wind, and is easy to install and cost effective. The Kite size is the same for all models, the only difference is the pole size: 22ft, 28ft and 36ft. 

The most popular model for vineyards is the 28FT model and for wineries use 22FT model. 

These kites are a great alternative to noisy propane cannons. 

Kit includes:

  • Fiberglass 28ft pole, with a rotating anti-tangle top,
  • Flexipole,
  • Height extender,
  • Grommet,
  • Flight line,
  • All attachments,
  • Falcon Frightkite.


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