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Pellenc Tying String Rolls Plastic

Pellenc Tying String Rolls Plastic

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Pellenc tying material is designed for use in the Fixion 2 tying machine.

Tying material in the 30 spools (for belt reel) are compatible with Fixion 1 and AP25 tying machines, as well as Fixion 2.

Select the type you need and specify the reel size (either the reel on the tool, or the reel on the belt):

Reel Size: 60 spools (for tool reel), 30 spools (for belt reel)

  • Breaks down after 10 to 12 months of use according to climatic conditions, load, and quality of the trellising wire.
  • .44 mm steel wire
  • Average tie strength = 31 lb*

Belt spools – Ref.: 3057047
Tool spools – Ref.: 3057203 (large rolls) 

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