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MGT Vineyard Tie Tape BROWN Large Roll for Tapener HT-R2 (3411)

MGT Vineyard Tie Tape BROWN Large Roll for Tapener HT-R2 (3411)

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Why Miracle Garden Tie (MGT)? 


  • Embossed Brown Tie Tape
  • Large Roll, 1/2" by 150' (8 ml)
  • Fits MAX HT-R2 / MAX HT-B2 Tapener
  • Provides a secure tie, without girdling the plants.
  • Ensures a very tidy and highly professional presentation.
  • Great for Grape Growers because it blends in with the plants. 
  • Ideal for trellis system. 
  • Manufacturer P# 3411

MGT formulation of the plastic uses more rubberizers and plasticizers to ensure the tie retains its long lasting stretch and strength. The largest competitors today are now supplying tape made in China. It does not have the long lasting stretch - if it stretches much at all.

To this day, MGT remains the #1 seller to nurseries and other commercial tree growers, in spite of being a little more pricey. Why? For many nurseries that tie their trees to bamboo or stakes and commercial fruit growers that tie their trees to trellises (apple growers are a big example), they need their tie to remain strong and stretchy for 3-5 years or more and MGT does that.

The embossed tie tape flows a lot easier through the MAX tapeners specially during hot days. The brown color blends in with the plants for less visibility. 

Always look for the LE COOKE name stamped inside the core. 

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