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La Buena® Replacement Lopper Blade MB416

La Buena® Replacement Lopper Blade MB416

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Upgrade your lopper and pruning experience with the La Buena® Replacement Lopper Blade MB416. Expertly crafted to unparalleled precision, this cutting-edge blade is designed for effortless pruning and is universally compatible with La Buena® and Superior Hickok® Aluminum Handle tree loppers. Enjoy smoother, more efficient, and remarkably satisfying results with this superior quality replacement blade.

  • Fits All LA Buena loppers sizes
  • Fits All Hickok aluminum handle Tree Loppers  
  • Forged Steel Construction, to ensure strength, and durability. 
  • Precision cutting with a razor-sharp edge for clean cuts. 
  • Compatibility with La Buena and Hickok aluminum handle loppers 
  • Box contains 28 blades

For quoted pricing of 200 blades or more, please contact

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