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Jute Wire Twine Biodegradable PALIFIL

Jute Wire Twine Biodegradable PALIFIL

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Natural Jute String, 2 Jute Threads with 1 Steel Wire 0.44.

Designed to be used on orchards, vineyards, nurseries, vegetables, berries and home gardening. It can also be used for craft and decorations projects.  

  • Used to tie up and train raspberries, wine grapes,  tomatoes or any vine plants. 
  • Ideal for espalier fruit trees.
  • 100% Natural and biodegradable Material.
  • Resistant and Flexible.
  • In vineyard settings, it decades after harvest. 

Small Roll length 624 ft (9 oz) (96 rolls per case)

Large Roll Length 1,247 ft (18 oz) (60 rolls per case)

Use with KUKER Tying Tools  for best results. 

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