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JACTO HD400 4-Gal. Backpack Sprayers

JACTO HD400 4-Gal. Backpack Sprayers

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The Jacto HD400 is a 4-Gallon backpack sprayer that delivers maximum 65 psi pressure with just 6 pumps, thanks to its internally-mounted poly piston pump. Additionally, it features a handy internal agitator and volume markings in both gallons and liters for convenience. Upgrade your experience with the Deluxe Harness and Waist Belt for added comfort.

  • Efficient Pumping (With 6 pumps, you can reach up to 45 psi. 
  • Safe to Operate (Piston Pump inside de tank, virtually eliminates exposure) 
  • Long Range (65" Chemical resistant hose, 22" wand) 
  • UV Resistant Tank (Rugged Polypropylene tank)
  • Can be configured for Left or Right Handed use. 

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