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Finger Ring Knife with Curved Sharp Blade (Pack of 10)

Finger Ring Knife with Curved Sharp Blade (Pack of 10)

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The Finger Ring Knife and/or Twine Knife. Can be worn on a finger for cutting twine, rope, packaging, tape, cardboard and box cartons. The ring knife/twine knife can be used for many applications. Growers use them to cut twine when bundling or trellising plants. They can also be used to harvest flowers or fruits with soft stems. Use it home, in the garden, work shop, as a utility knife, as well as for recreational activities.

  • Use for cutting twine, cardboard boxes , ribbon, plastic strapping, pallet wrap, tape...
  • USDA Blade approved, to be used when both hands need to be free.
  • Increases productivity and decreases repetitive motion injuries 
  • SIZES 10-15
Size  Inner Perimeter
Inner Perimeter
#10 6.0 cm #13 6.6 cm
#11 6.2 cm #14 6.9 cm
#12 6.4 cm #15 7.4 cm

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