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LEA30.S Electric Tying Machine

LEA30.S Electric Tying Machine

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The superior electronic tying tool LEA30.S allows you to tie any type of vine, plant or branch, thanks to three tying positions. It can do over 60 ties per minute and is five times faster than manual tying. This tool has been designed for use in all climate conditions, and suitable for tying in vineyards, orchards and other trellised crops such as kiwis and tomatoes.

The LEA30.S backpack sits securely against the upper back to prevent lumbar problems and to enable greater flexibility and freedom. The backpack is made of robust, breathable fabric for maximum comfort. The backpack features multiple ventilation channels to increase ventilation, and to reduce humidity, enabling the user to stay as dry as possible while working. 

The tying gun has an ergonomic design to reduce muscular or skeletal pain. It also helps to prevents tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome. This tool is powered with an 18 volt battery that enables autonomous work for an entire day or up to 13,000 ties. 

  • Tying opening 30mm (1.18”)
  • Designed for Left or Right handed.
  • Automatic shutdown after 15 minutes 
  • Full charge in two hours
  • 3 Tying Positions 
  • 60 ties per second and 5x faster than hand tying. 
  • Can be used with biodegradable plastic-wire.







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