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Okatsune Harvest/Thinning Shear Rounded Tip 306

Okatsune Harvest/Thinning Shear Rounded Tip 306

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The Okatsune 306 harvest/thinning shears are the best choice for professional growers. The red/white handle combination stands out and in Japan symbolizes happiness. The rounded tip blades helps to prevent injuries (stabbing) to your hands and/or damaging the fruits or flowers.

Its razor-sharp blades are forged by the best master blacksmiths of Japan, using an age-old technology. 

They’re simple, the sharp and strong blades provide a very clean, and efficient cut. The blades stay sharp for a long time,  thus increasing productivity and efficiency. 

The V-Shape spring distributes the cutting load evenly for a soft closing action. Use the 306 for soft-woods and for hard-woods use the 304/307 models. 


  • Designed for fruit harvesting, grapes, onions, picking flowers, and herbs, and deadheading
  • Razor-sharp, Durable and long lasting
  • Angled blade for a smooth cut
  • Does not crush or chew
  • Ultra lightweight and robust. 


  • Model 306
  • Full length 193 mm (7.48”)
  • Blade length 45 mm (1.77”)
  • Weight 118 g (3.88 oz)
  • Blade Hardness: 59-60 HRD (Rockwell Hardness C-scale) Izumi Yasugi Steel

NOTE: wear a cut-less glove on the oposite hand for extra safety.

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