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Cinch Gopher Trap Medium Size C601

Cinch Gopher Trap Medium Size C601

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Crafted in Oregon, USA since 1909, the CINCH Traps is a trusted and reliable brand for mole, gopher and even ground squirrel control. These traps had been used in many different settings where gophers and moles are a problem.  The traps come in two sizes, medium and large. 


Weight: 8 oz

Jaw Opening: 3" 

Targe Pest: Pocket Gopher, small and medium size. 

  • Hand made in Oregon USA
  • Heavy-Duty long lasting galvanized steel.
  • Rust and weather resistant 
  • Professional and personal grade use. 
  • Easy to tell when the trap has been triggered without having to remove the gopher. 

CALIFORNIA CUSTOMERS: The Cinch Mole trap (vs the Gopher sized trap) has been found to be most effective on the sized gophers found in CA.

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