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Campagnola STARK 160 Cordless Pole Pruner Ext 5'3" LN24-0500

Campagnola STARK 160 Cordless Pole Pruner Ext 5'3" LN24-0500

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The Campagnola STARK 160 Cordless Pole Pruner with brushless motor is designed to help you make precise cuts on branches up to 1.5" in diameter while minimizing operator fatigue and increasing safety. Featuring a brushless motor and two lithium-ion batteries with 4-6 hours of pruning time each, this light and easy-to-handle pole pruner is ideal for citrus, olive, and ornamental plant cultivation. High-strength steel cutting blades provide clean, burr-free pruning. Enjoy maximum control and precision with the Campagnola STARK 160.

Includes: 2 batteries, pruner, charger and toolkit 


Technical Specs:

Cutting Capacity: 1.5"

Weight: 5.95 lbs

Battery: 4-6 hours (li-Ion plug-in 2.5 Ah)

Extension: 5'3"


  • POWERFUL: The motor and the recirculating ball screw transmission transmit all the torque to the blades without loss of efficiency
  • RELIABLE: They require minimal maintenance
  • HANDY: The absence of the cable allows the operator full freedom of movement
  • VERSATILE: Clean and precise cuts of both small and large branches
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