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Aegis Rodent Bait Station- (Case of 6 Stations)

Aegis Rodent Bait Station- (Case of 6 Stations)

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The Aegis RP Rodent Bait Station is easy to use and provides the flexibility and effectiveness you deserve. The bait station is a snap to set up, either horizontally or vertically when you need to put it in a small space. Aegis RP Rodent Bait Station also sets flush to the wall, keeping the station from moving easily. It keeps the bait cooler, making the bait last longer. Another great feature is that the station only opens with the included key, providing the security and protection you need. The top of the station also opens away from the wall, making it fast to change out bait, change and change the bait and go. This saves you time and labor. Pet safe, they are tamper resistant and lock with a key. 

Will hold 1 mouse trap in the center in place of bait.

Bait Not Included - Must be purchased separately!  One Aegis Key is included with each order.

For use in: Residential, Commercial, indoors and outdoors. 


Length: 12 7/8
Width (incl. hinge): 7 7/8
Height (lid closed): 4
Height (lid open): 3 1/2"

P# 83860


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