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Zenport AG401E Harvest Hardness

Zenport AG401E Harvest Hardness

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Zenport AG401E Harvest Hardness provides full support with its 4-point mounting picking bucket harness, perfect for the task of picking fruits and vegetables. The premium straps measure 16 inches and are padded for a comfortable fit, allowing for effortless harvesting with its universally compatible design. Enjoy greater convenience with the white finish of this superior harvesting tool.


  • For Fruit Picking Bucket and Bags
  • Universally compatible with 5-gallon buckets, and kidney, soft and hard shell bags
  • Full support mounting point picking bucket harness
  • Works universally with bags and buckets when picking fruits or vegetables
  • Top straps measure 16 inches and are padded for a comfortable fit
  • Bottom connecting straps measure 25-inches to ensure a wide range of adjustment
  • Center back support and pad measures 9-inches square.

    Note: Wear a cut-less glove on the opposite hand to prevent injuries. 


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