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TINA Budding Knife with Bark Lifter #641-10

TINA Budding Knife with Bark Lifter #641-10

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Beautifully shaped budding knife with a bark stripper on the back of the blade; the pointed blade tip makes this knife particularly suitable for chip budding, t-budding and for budding maples and roses. The hand-forged blade made of carbon steel (61 HRC) has a firm folding mechanism and features a superb sharpness and durability. The polished walnut handle scales allow the knife to rest comfortably in the hand, even during longer periods of use.

The TINA budding knife has a bark stripper to expose the cambium on the stock. Single bevel blade for precise stripping of the bud. 

If you're looking for the best, shop no further. Every Tina budding knife is hand made in Germany.

  • Forged carbon steel blade
  • Blade length 2"
  • Walnut handle with brass liner
  • Handle length 4"
  • Serrated thumb support
  • Weights 1.8 oz
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