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Standard Insert Plug Trays Black 18 Open Packs #1801 (100/Cs)

Standard Insert Plug Trays Black 18 Open Packs #1801 (100/Cs)

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Traditional Series inserts for use with 1020 Trays or 1020 Daisy Trays. Available in a variety of configurations to meet different handling, labeling, and space requirements. Inserts are engineered for easy de-nesting. 10.42" x 20.85" inserts.

Each insert fits one 1020 Tray.

Cells: 1 

Packs: 18

Dimensions: 3.11"x3.11"x2.25"

Vacuum Inserts
Designed to optimize performance in automated handling systems-ideal for filling, growing, and shipping
Match with Injection or Vacuum Flats to create an efficient growing system
Standard, True, Slim Jim (long and short), Super Thin, and Space Saver sizes
Exact sheet thickness for strong corner and cell bottom construction
Precision burned holes and die-cut trims deliver consistent performance
Variety of configurations to fit automated equipment
Consistent sheet thickness for strong corners and cell bottoms
Precision die-cut for easy part separation

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