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Plant Shoot Remover Tool

Plant Shoot Remover Tool

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The Plant Shoot and Sucker Remover Tool is the easiest way to manually remove soft and woody shoots, suckers and buds from trees and vines.  The opposing brushes are simply hard enough to limb up plants without damaging the trunk. 

Use on Vines, Hops, Olive trees, Almond Trees, Fruit trees, Ornamental Trees.

Ideal for vineyards, nurseries and orchards. 

  • No more bending over, thus preventing back pain.
  • Increases productivity. Clean about 1,100 plants/hr. 
  • Adjustable head to clean 1/2" up to 6 1/4" trunks
  • Light weight, 1.9 pounds.
  • Replaceable long-lasting brush set are available.

SANVER SUPPLY is a LaCruz authorized distributor. The above video is for information purposes only and available to the public. 


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