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Parafilm Nursery Grafting Tape Biodegradable (2 Rolls)

Parafilm Nursery Grafting Tape Biodegradable (2 Rolls)

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  • 12 Rolls per box
  • 1/2"wide x 1080"long per roll; semi-transparency
  • Product contains polyolefin and a little bit wax
  • Waterproof, flexible, stretchable, and self-adhesive with gentle stretch
  • Biodegradable in sunlight. Allow gasses to pass through.
  • Excellent moister barrier for grafting and budding


Parafilm Grafting Tape is Manufactured by Original Parafilm M Manufacturer and is an economical plant grafting solution that is easy-to-use. Is widely used by nurseries, landscapers, and home gardeners. Parafilm Grafting Tape is waterproof, flexible, stretchable, and self-adhering.

Its breathable properties allows gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. to pass through, while offering an excellent breathable moisture barrier. This combination is perfect for grafting which requires a barrier to keep moisture out while allowing oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass through. 

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