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MAX Tapener HT- R45C(RD) SMALL Roll (New Model)

MAX Tapener HT- R45C(RD) SMALL Roll (New Model)

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MAX has introduced the new TAPENER® called HT-R45C(RD) which will replace the current model HT-R1. The main design change centers around the staple magazine and crimping mechanism to reinforce the magazine and prevent staple jamming. [C = SMALL tape canister, (RD) = Red]

An incredible tool for tying up new leaders, young hazelnut/filbert trees to training stake/bamboo, tomatoes, cannabis... Actually does in seconds what normally takes minutes! Nursery growers tell us that one person tying with the Max Tapener replaces four employees, a huge labor saving!

With the Max Tapener loaded with tie tape and staples, one squeeze of the handle stretches the tape between the jaws. It is ready to wrap around the intended plant media. A second squeeze automatically staples the tape and cuts it off neatly. A well-secured, tie has been successfully established. Also used by nursery, vineyard, orchards, flower growers...

  • "Scrap Free" mechanism prevents making tape-scraps during work.
  • New reinforced magazine prevents staple jamming and deformity.
  • New design of driver part: New driver design reduces stress to the driver.
  • New HT-R45C(RD) includes a “jam clearing stick” mounted in the tape canister.
  • Designed for SMALL Rolls of tie-tape
  • 20% Less weight (only 420g) and 50% Less clinching force
  • More durable bearing (roller)
  • Saving working hours (3 to 5 times faster than conventional method)
  • The growers choice since 1968 !
  • Load capacity of 172 staples 604E-L
  • Tape and staples sold separate and are needed for operation. 

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