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Honeywell North 7600 Series Full-Face Respirator 760008A

Honeywell North 7600 Series Full-Face Respirator 760008A

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The North Safety 760008A-7600 Series is a full facepiece respirator with a dual cartridge. This respirator is designed to protect your eyes, face, and respiratory system while ensuring optimal comfort and performance. The 7600 Series can be adapted to PAPR or supplied air making it flexible in multiple environments. This respirator also features a speech diaphragm, dual-flange sealing area, 5-strap head harness, and nose cap. The facepiece is latex-free with a 200 degree field of vision and polycarbonate lens that meets ANSI high-impact standards - no need for additional eyewear!

Cartridges Not Included - Sold Separately

  • Speech Diaphragm
  • Dual-Flange Sealing Area
  • 5-Strap Head Harness
  • ANSI Requirements
  • SIZE: M/L 
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