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Beli Vine Tying Tool

Beli Vine Tying Tool

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The Beli Vine Tying Tool is used to tie the grapevines to the permanent wire. The wire only last for one season and there is no need to cut it when pruning the vines.

The Beli binding tool is also used to tie the catch-wires together between the line stakes. Is saves you money by not having to use catch clips. The Beli tool is capable of leaving a 8 - 10 cm gap between the catch wires to allow optimal  canopy growth and air flow to prevent diseases. 

The catch-wire tie can be released by jerking the catch wires. The tool can be used in any weather conditions, including rain. 

Each tool is preloaded with a roll of wire and a bottle of lubricating oil. 1 Year warranty against manufacturing defects. 

  • Fast Tying 
  • Low cost tying wire
  • Saves you time when compared to hand tying 
  • Ergonomic design to prevent carpal tunnel.
  • Durable and low maintenance 
  • Eco-friendly material. Steel is a natural product and decomposes without leaving harmful residues.



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