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Bahco Ergo Bypass Pruner PX-L3

Bahco Ergo Bypass Pruner PX-L3

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Bahco Professional ERGO pruners are constructed with the finest materials to optimize performance and efficiency. Ergonomically designed with the end user in mind. Bahco's modular system provides an interchangeable selection of cutting heads and handles to meet a variety of needs. The Bahco PX-L3 cutting head's vertical and lateral inclinations reduce hand and wrist stress for maximum comfort and productivity. Precision slicing blade technology provides effortlessly clean cuts without damaging the plants or blades. Spare parts available. 

Technical Specs

Name: PX-L3

Catting Capacity: 1 1/4"

Weight: 11.25 oz

Hand Size: L (Right Handed) 

  • The PX pruners have lightweight ergonomic design, natural wrist position, and ease of use because of high carbon steel blades.
  • Professional grade ergonomic pruner.
  • Medium-sized handles designed especially for medium-sized hands
  • Special angled head design reduces wrist and arm strain; upper handle with soft grip cover for added comfort.
  • Medium-sized blades with Xylan coating cut branches up to 3/4 inch thick; fiberglass-reinforced plastic handles

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